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Why we need online training
and not only job training centers.

[1.] The Elderly

Many of our elderly have no car
and cannot take public transportation
to the job training center due to
physical limitations.

[2.] Disabled and physically challenged residents.

People in our community are disabled,
they live in wheel chairs and getting
to the job training center is impossible.

[3.] Young mothers and young fathers in our community.

Many of our young and middle aged residents
are unable to go to the job training center
during the day due to raising children at home.
They can watch the training videos while the
children are taking a nap in the afternoon.

[4.] Residents that work during the day.

Some people in the community work during
the day and are unable to go to the job
training center during the day. Training
at home (at night) is their only option.
This online website helps them.

[5.] Women of our community of domestic violence.

We have women in our community that are
victims of domestic violence. These women
live in a domestic abuse shelter. For their
safety of themselves and their children, they
don't leave the shelter. This online training
website is perfect for them to watch while
at the shelter.

[6.] Previously incarcerated.

Previously incarcerated residents in
our community may not have access to
transportation to the job center.

[7.] Veterans with PTSD.

Veterans in our community recently discharged
from military service may find it challenging
to leave their living space due to PTSD.

[8.] Young people in our community.

Young people in our community
might not want to be seen going
to the job training center to gain
new skills as it does not seem "cool"
or "hip" to their peers.

These young people in our community
might be exposed to taunting
and bullying if they are seen
accessing job training centers.
They can watch this training from
their home without fear of bullying.

These are only a few reasons for the
need of this online training website.



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