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Hi! My name is Tim Owens.

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer, for 15 years I have taught Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint...
...and I created these quick reference clips.

Welcome to my 30SecondTraining.Com website

I am originally from Los Angeles, California and I have spent the last 15 years teaching software to many users across the United States but primarily in the Great State of California. My training company is TimOwens.Com.

I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I teach Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Why do I tell you what I teach? Why is that important to know?

You always want a Trainer (and a person that creates training clips and videos) that has "cross application" experience.

That way, the Trainer, (while creating quick reference clips or teaching a class) can answer all your questions and not just some of them (for example): Can I do this same xyz thing in Excel and PowerPoint too?")

Why Did I Create These Quick Reference Clips

Anymore, people are too busy to attend training. Or, if they do find the time to attend training, who can remember everything they learned?

I created these simple and easy to use quick reference clips for those of us just too busy to attend training or those of us that need a quick and easy "how to" reference for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you sign up and enjoy my clips.

We are the only online
training company to give you 2 ways to learn
...for the price of 1!

(please read #3 below)

5 Reasons Why My Clips are Superior To Any Others

(1). You only watch what you need. There is no 3 minute or 5 minute video to suffer through to get to the part of the video you want to watch.

(2). The clips are online. Available from where ever
you are 24/7.

(3). You have 2 ways to view the clips. We offer "Lesson by Lesson" for leisurely learning or quick (!) "find it in the index" when you are in a hurry. No other company gives you 2 for 1.

(4). My quick reference clips are the only quick reference clips with the yellow bouncing ball. No one gets visually "lost" watching our clips.

(5). Correct and Accurate. I have watched training videos created by other companies and I find mistakes or "less than the best way" to teach. This is not good.

Why would other companies do this? Because they don't know any better.

Simple: the person making the video "knows" how to use the software but has never "taught" the software.

This is a huge difference. In my 15 years of training Microsoft Office products, I have come to "learn and understand" the best way to teach people.

For example: If I were to teach someone to send an email, I would not say what the other companies training videos say...which is:

"To send a new email, click the NEW button in the top left corner".

Why is that bad? Why is that the wrong way?

Answer? What if the user is not in the email area of Outlook but they are in the Calendar portion of Outlook?

If they click the NEW button in the top left corner...they will not see MAIL MESSAGE and they will immediately be.

A better way is to say "To send a new email: in the navigation pane (which is on the left side of your Outlook screen) click the MAIL icon, and now, in the top left corner click the NEW button.

If this example above seems silly, it really isn't. You want a trainer that creates very accurate and very "simple to follow" quick reference clips.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy my quick reference clips.

Tim Owens