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Email from Salvation Army thanking Tim Owens
for his volunteer work teaching homeless
Veterans how to use the computer and
how to use the Internet. Tim was congratulated on
writing his new computer training manual.

"Hi Tim!"

Of course we remember you! You were
so helpful to the veterans in our programs,
who need computer skills from everything to
looking for work to checking on their benefits.
Your time here was much appreciated, and you are
welcome back anytime! Thank you so much for the book,
and congratulations on this accomplishment!"

Leah C. Dalby, CADC
Lead Case Manager - GPD
The Salvation Army
35 W. Owens Avenue
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
(702) 701-5356
Fax: (702) 642-0757


Tim Owens, CEO -

(310) 625-7711

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