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The organizations below are wonderful.

But no one provides online training.

No one is providing online training
so those at the edge of homelessness
can keep from becoming homeless and
those that are currently homeless
can learn employment skills to get
themselves and their families "out"
of homeless.

How do we expect people to help
themselves when we don't give them the tools they need?

Read below.

-The Salvation Army does not offer online employment skills training.
I know because I volunteered at the SA center on Owens Drive in
Southern Nevada just outside of Las Vegas and I also volunteered
at the SA homeless shelter in Bell, California (Los Angeles).

Was there any employment training classes? No. Teachers teaching
classes? No. Online training available so those could teach
themselves the employment skills training. No. Zero. Nada.
Zippo and None. And this was the "Salvation Army".

Of all places you think would offer online employment
skills training the Salvation Army is the one place I felt
would have training. I brought up the idea of online training
to the people at the Salvation Army and those people were too
overwhelmed to listen to my idea or they just didn't have the
time, or energy to care.

--U.S. Vets (the organization) does not offer online training.
I know because I called at least 50 different U.S. Vets
job training centers here in California, Nevada and Arizona
and they all told me "they don't offer online training. You
must come in to the job training center for training".

--Workforce Development Centers (local and nation-wide)
as well as the American Job Centers (local and nationally)
do not offer online training employment training.

How do I know? I have called at least 25 centers and everyone
that answers tells me the same: and that is the following
(1) We don'toffer online training but maybe the local
library does. Call the local library.

I called the local library and many said "they have classes"
but no online training.

No online training for people to
train themselves and to help themselves "out" of homelessness
or to keep from "becoming" homelessness.

-Goodwill has HORRIBLE free training on Youtube.
But it isn't user friendly and by that I mean the videos are
long, boring, not specific time consuming and not very easy to
find what you need.

Many people that need training do not have long attention
spans and they don't have much patience. This Goodwill
training due to its long duration and non-user friendly
to find what you need is a complete waste.

YouTube has horrible free training on the Internet.

Let me explain about YouTube. Have you ever searched
for something on the Internet and you can't find what you
are looking for? After about 20 minutes you get frustrated
and quit!

This is the same with trying to find training
on Youtube. If you do find the specific training you want
and need, some of the videos go to fast, you can't see the screen,
sometimes the sound quality is horrible but most of the
time you can't find what you want and the quality is bad.

Libraries "sometimes" offer online training but usually
it isn't video training. Or if it is video training, you
need a library card to access the training and many people
have no way to get to the library to get a card to access
the training.

Many people live in their car and they get free wi-fi from
the local city. They have an inexpensive smart phone or
laptop (many non-profit organizations offer inexpensive
laptops or chromebooks so people without much money can
access the Internet.)

A perfect example. The City of Commerce, California has
a library that receives money from the State of California
because that library is designated a "Veterans Resource
Library" (continue reading below the image)

yet they have no online employment skills so
the Veterans nor Non-Veterans can self-train on the
skills they need to both "get a job and keep a job."

Many cities offer low cost internet
access for those without much money.

But no one offers free employment skills training.

What good is free or low cost wifi and what good is
having a inexpensive smart phone or laptop so you
access the Internet but you don't have access to
online, high quality employment training skills?

Some people work all day and have no time to access
the job training center during the day.

Many people live in their cars or RV's and
have no gas or parking money so they cannot
access the job training center.

What are we to do? Allow these people to get left
If people can self-train with online training they
can keep from becoming homeless.

This means "we" have to give the online training
to the people that needed because "our dedicated"
organizations are not.

I am sure if I called (1) San Diego Housing Authority,
(2) Boston Housing Authority, (3) Miami Housing Authority
(4) Seattle Housing Authority (4) Austin Housing Authority
and ever other "dedicated organization", they would tell
me the same thing: no online training available.

We need to take the training to where the people are.

We need to "prevent homelessness" as well as help
those who are currently homeless to escape their
plight and get the skills they need to be productive
and happy members of society. They deserve better.

There is a direct correlation between
(1) preventing people from becoming homeless
(2) getting people out of homelessness (job!)
(3) and skills / employment skills training.

Training pre-vents homelessness

No one offers online
employment skills
training. This must change.


This training is "Made in America" by a U.S. Veteran.
Thank you for supporting those who served.

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